Inventive Architect Abin Chaudhuri on holistic development – Video interview

Abin 4Spending his initial years in rural West Bengal, attending a ‘Pathshala’, with sheer grit and determination, he has risen to become a front-runner with projects across the globe. Architect Abin Chaudhuri has never done it conventionally; post Architecture he went on to do a course on Industrial Design.

Abin graduated from Jadavpur University, Kolkata in 1998 and pursued specialisation in Industrial Design at Domus Academy, Milan in 2003. He is an architect, innovator, quirky designer and inspired entrepreneur. His creative mind is constantly in the process of exploring new thoughts and ideas, drawing inspiration from ordinary things. He founded Abin Design Studio (ADS) in 2005. Today ADS is a well known young design firm in the country.

At ADS, architecture is an artistic expression as far as it transcends its purely utilitarian, technical and rational realm and turns into a metaphoric expression of the lived world, context and human condition.

Abin Chaudhari skilfully marries the learnings from two disciplines to create edifices which are not only distinctly different from each other, but also allows him to generate employment for scores of local craftsmen in rural West Bengal.