5 reasons Organisations should opt for Restacking.

Many organisations are taking the Restacking route of their office space in order to save costs or to help in organising inter departmental coordination for a higher business purpose.

The way people work and the workplace itself, has changed dramatically. Work from home, desk sharing, hot desking, hoteling and open collaborative spaces are just a few of the trends causing real estate and facilities groups to adjust to new, cost-effective spaces to keep up with this change.

Many organisations have seen the downsizing of operations leaving offices dotted with empty cubicles which not only wastes real estate costs but also leads to low employee morale. Under such circumstances there is a need for organizations to renovate or relocate their offices. Restacking is a good option in such a situation.

Now then : What is Restacking?

Restacking is simply the act of shuffling around employees within an existing space. This can be done by redesigning and refurbishment. It can be best done after taking a fresh look at an existing office space to optimise the facility and save huge costs at the same time. Very high real estate cost is the primary driver of Restacking. In order to save future costs, organisations also opt for Standardization at this point of time.

Restacking is a good option mainly due to the following reasons:

  1. Saving man hour costs of finding a new location.
  2. Relocation costs have added costs of brokerage which can totally be saved. It can simply be renegotiated with the owner.
  3. Out dated, obsolete and surplus  technology and equipments can be removed strategically from an existing office.
  4. Any excess space can be utilised for better purposes or simply returned to the owner, who in turn can let out the same at fresh rates.
  5. Orphan desks, cabins and storage spaces can be used optimally instead of wasting the space.

Some of the important points to remember while restacking:

Avaiability of temporary office space for the employees in order to smoothen the process of  restacking.

In case such space is not available coordinating communications to notify employees about what changes are taking place, how it will affect them and ensuring that their business is not being disrupted are the key to ensuring success in the endeavour.

If dealt well, all complexities can be identified at the planning stage to give employees during a restack a smooth transition and give them the same experience as those moving into a new facility.

Today design professionals can offer a cost effective solution to managing re-stacks. Corporate restacking is a big venture for any business and it is best kept in the hands of professionals equipped to do the job.