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4 Tips to achieve the elusive Work-Life Balance

Does striving for work-life balance and the focus on living a fuller, more complete life have to begin at the organizational level or is it you – the individual – who has to ensure it? Organisations implement various approaches – some traditional, others progressive – to help their people achieve a holistic work-life construct. These range from career coaching that helps employees navigate conflicting personal & professional commitments to flexible work-policies that allow them to make better use of their time. However, bringing in a positive change in your work-life balance still lies in your hands. Here are some routes advised by the experts at Gallopper to tip the scale in favour of work-life balance:

  1. Stay flexible

No day will go exactly as you planned it. There will be agenda that you had not factored in, as well as activities that eat into the ‘life’ component. Keep time aside time every day for ‘not-per-plan’ items and avoid extending your work day. On the other hand, make full use of the free minutes that a productivity gain puts your way. And if you are working late a few days at a stretch, make sure you pick a day to leave early.

  1. Prioritize – at home & at work

Both, in your professional and personal life, others will have expectations from you. And in both cases, it is equally important to recognise those that can wait and take on the important tasks first. Seeing every task as a high priority can translate into taking on the unachievable and prove draining.

  1. Think here & now

A radical approach for folks in the construction industry says that the traditional understanding of work-balance itself is flawed. Today’s people in the construction fields cannot afford to look forward to a leisurely month-off or even a no-calls weekend with the family. Instead, the only logical approach is to go about looking for your 45 minutes of daily downtime.

  1. Accept imperfections

Everything in life cannot be perfect. One often feels that putting in extra effort can make things perfect. While it is important to put in your best efforts to get a positive output, it is important to accept imperfections, move forward and provide attention to other things that are important in your life, whether it’s your health, family or friends. Signs indicating a one-sided work-life balance are always visible and there is rarely a shortage of colleagues and family pointing it out to you. Once taken into account, they serve to make adjustments, minor and major, that will result in achieving a happy ending.