Your Easy Work Score


People general act upon things when they can relate to it, not otherwise.

Human action is the result of these two simple factors, acting at the same time.

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Ease of Use

Things get done when the effort required is relatively less.

The most successful business ideas are modelled around such human behaviour, from popular social media tools to retail sales. Remember the last time you ended up buying something although you had no intention of doing so in the beginning? Well, that was because you could relate to it at some level and it was not difficult to do so (probably did not take a lot of time, or effort, or a lot of money or a huge learning curve).

What if you could use this secret to radically improve your professional and personal lives? What if you could do a self-assessment in a few minutes, to see how poised you are to meet your professional and personal goals?

The Easy Work Assessment

Reflect upon your professional life. Reflect upon your work and workplace journey. The truth is that you will be able to give 100% to your professional commitments if you find familiarity and ease of use at every touchpoint of your work journey. The higher the familiarity and easier the use, the closer you are to meeting your goals. Find out, how well you are positioned, in your current professional life, to achieve what you want to, from your life. Take the Easy Work self-assessment.

Your ‘Easy Work’ score gives an indication of:
a) What is the fitment between your current work profile and your passion?
b) How easily does your current work profile allow you to meet your goals?
c) What changes do you need to make in your workday to improve your score?

Your ‘Easy Work’ score can be derived through a confidential self-assessment online tool, that takes no longer than 15 mins, allowing you to make immediate improvements in your work and personal life. This is free and only requires you to register, and get verified over email, for confidentiality and authenticity.