Women lead, in Indian construction. Forget the “Despite being a woman” talk!

Santosh Parulekar, dispels myth and fires a salvo at the “despite being a woman” debate by demonstrating how women working on construction sites in India are adding much needed muscle to the industry. Absenteeism is very low compared to male statistics, productivity is higher and more interestingly earnings are used for the family’s social and financial upliftment. The statistics for men are way different.

Quitting his cushy job in the west with a Bank, Santosh Parulekar started Pipal Tree Ventures for skill development and capacity building in rural India. At Gallopper Talks, CEO and Co Founder, Parulekar amazes the audience with his journey so far and why women need to be empowered right at grass-root level.

Listen to Santosh’s talk outlining groundbreaking work and realisations here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVW9mtWi-b8