Blend’s corporate program brings the latest strategies and tools around employee productivity and well-being in the context of work, workers and workplaces. We often use the blended space of the physical and digital as the starting point of innovation itself. To do this, Blend enables product manufacturers, tech suppliers, academia, researchers, architects and designers, scientists, psychologists and sociologists to work together.

Organizations spend millions of dollars in trying to understand their consumers, markets and new technology, so that they can come up with better products, and stay ahead of competition. In today’s collaboration economy, the most popular buzzword is innovation and its various forms. In such an economy, the biggest investment is into an organization’s workers, and not into machines. However, relatively less effort goes into understanding the needs and aspirations of the workers. What motivates them? What drives them? Unless people are inspired, it is hard to expect quality work from them.

The second biggest investment for any organization is usually into real estate to house the workers. As the physical space within which workers work becomes augmented with technology, it is of paramount importance for organizations to adapt to a new form of blended workplaces, which allow workers to remain inspired and innovative. At Blend, we help use the new blended workplace as the starting point of innovation.

Through our collaborative consulting solutions, we bring this holistic, handholding approach in organization redesign as a new vibrant, human culture evolves. The focus is on human well-being, helping reduce stress and increase productivity; with measurable impact on the metrics that matter to their organizations. [gs_logo]

Partnering Opportunities

Client Partners: Organizations that wish to engage the Blend community on specific assignments around productivity, workplace transformation and well-being in the context of work, workers and workplaces.

Research Partners: Product manufacturers, tech suppliers, sociologists, scientists, thought leaders, academia and researchers who wish to join the growing Blend community.

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