Workplace Mental Health: 4 Keys To Fixing A Walking Contradiction

But, employers expect to invest in mental health (58 percent) and stress management (55 percent) more than any other aspect of wellness after that.

To be honest, I held back from weighing in during mental health month. But I’m drawing on both my memories of being a recruiter — for starving tech firms that seemed to literally gobble up great talent — and my decades of experience in HR, being a part of the most profound changes this field has gone through. So let me ask you: What lessons have you learned as we close mental health month?

Here’s what I’ve learned: Every month should be mental health month, and every day should be mental health day. When it comes to taking care of ourselves and our employees, we need to do better. And as we focus on 2019’s hot issues — candidate and employee experience, improving engagement, reducing turnover — we are still driving ourselves and our employees nuts. Yes, I use the term loosely, but there are clinical implications to how we run our workplaces now, and perhaps it’s time to check our momentum and regroup.

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