Why should you hire freelancers?

Another good reason to outsource work on freelance platforms is the … to help look into the future developments for education and the future of work.

More businesses than ever before are resorting to freelancers to fill their staffing needs in today’s project-driven economy. A 2018 survey by SAP Fieldglass found that about 65% of senior executives at large and medium businesses said their external workforce is vital for operating at full capacity and meeting demand.

Of the 800 senior executives from some 12 countries surveyed, 66% said that freelancers are vital to increasing the speed to market, 60%, for managing costs, 64% for increasing organizational agility. And 62% of the executives said their external workforce improves their company’s overall performance.

Online outsourcing has grown and will continue to do so. In a report, Mckinsey & Company says that the freelance market is growing so quickly that by 2025 it could add nearly $3 trillion to the global gross domestic product, an increase of about 400% from the current $750 billion.

Mckinsey & Company’s estimate came before the pandemic. With the Covid-19 crisis in place, an increasing number of young workers worldwide seek more flexible alternatives to traditional employment.

“The number of freelancers on AnyTask saw a major surge during the first months of the global pandemic,” said AnyTask CEO and Founder Richard Ells. “We’ve interviewed many of them and have found a vast majority are ages between 17 and 25 years.”

Mr. Ells noted a clear indication on AnyTask that the pandemic was the cause for a notable increase in new sign-ups to the freelance platform launched in February.

“Between March and May of this year, over 280,000 new users signed up to AnyTask increasing our userbase from 130,000 to over 410,000,” he said. “This number currently sits at about 530,000.”Successful UK serial entrepreneur Richard Ells explains why freelancing can be the right solution for your business.

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