Top 4 trends shaping the future of work in the Middle East

Mercer’s study identifies four top trends that leading companies are pursuing in 2019: Aligning Work to Future Value, Building Brand Resonance, …

Close to three-quarters (75 percent) of executives in the Middle East predict significant digital disruption in the next three years, according to Mercer’s 2019 Global Talent Trends study.

As executives focus on making their organizations “future-fit”, significant human capital risks – including the ability to close the skills gap and overcome employee change fatigue – can impede transformation progress. Addressing these concerns is paramount, given that only one in five executives rate their company’s ability to mitigate human capital risks as very effective.

Mercer’s study finds that job security is one of the top five reasons employees in the Middle East joined their company, and also one of the main reasons they stay. However, as today’s companies increasingly focus on digitization and automation, two in three employees are concerned that AI and automation will replace their job – one of the highest percentages by country in the study.

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