The Modern Workplace is in a State of Flux

The Modern Workplace is in a State of Flux … anywhere, anytime – solutions that will underpin and facilitate an agile, flexible workplace strategy.

Remote working. Agile methodologies. Dispersed teams. Flexible spaces. These are all buzzwords that you’ll hear again and again in conversations about the cultural shifts that are happening in working practices.

And as those changes gather pace, the spaces we work in are being adapted and evolved to reflect them. Indeed, the workspace of today is a very different environment to most offices of just a decade ago.

The space or the place?

It’s not just the workspace itself that is changing, but the place where people work. Yes, many companies will still have a central office, but the days of it having a full complement of people, all sitting at their own desks and working 9 – 5 are long gone. Now it’s likely to be more of a hub, where workers drop in to perform certain tasks or to collaborate face to face. Read full original article here

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