Take 5: How to Build a Collaborative Workplace

Perhaps you’ve heard about how companies like Pixar have designed their headquarters to encourage chance encounters, such as making …

There will always be a place for individual geniuses—for the lone wolves, the rogues, the nonconformists. But as the benefits of collaboration become clearer, individuals are sometimes at a disadvantage. In other words, these days, innovation is a team sport.

“There’s more and more to know in the world, and you can only have so much in your head,” explains Ben Jones, a Kellogg strategy professor. “So the share of stuff you know as an individual is declining in any field.”

This makes it critical to collaborate with others in order to push a project into new territory—whether that project is cutting-edge science or innovative customer service. But what does a collaborative workplace look like in practice? And how can leaders get there? Here’s what Kellogg faculty have to say.

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