Recalibrated workplace in a post pandemic world

Enterprises are exploring and adopting several technology solutions to create safe and hygienic workplaces. Digital Checks. Governments and …

Mahesh Nagaraj, Chief Marketing Officer, Microland, talks about how organisations are exploring and adopting several technology solutions to create safe and hygienic workplaces.

The pandemic world has impacted human consciousness at a level never seen before. This change is visible in the changes we see across the board on how enterprises and employees are viewing the new workplace. There is a complete spectrum of possibilities that companies are exploring on what the “new workplace” would look like.

At one end, there are enterprises who are intending to bring all their employees back to office and then there are others intending to bring back none. The answer will be somewhere along the spectrum, considering most of the businesses, like manufacturing, cannot just afford to work remotely.

Wherever an enterprise is positioned along this spectrum, it is clear that a “change” is in the air and the ‘recalibrated’ workplace will not be the same as pre-COVID. The pandemic has opened up possibilities which have not crossed the human mind. With this “art of the possible”, the human mind will now explore varied options and will adopt and adapt practices that will work best for the enterprise in “maximising profits”.

One of the key drivers will also be how employees and customers of organisations react to the situation. There are surveys showing that employees would prefer to have some kind of hybrid model of working but also at the same time, their expectation from their employers has also gone up to ensure there is a safe workplace. Even if the workplace occupancy comes back to closer to pre-covid era, the workplace infrastructure will not be the same. There will be a combination of policy and technology changes that organisations will make not only to deal with the current pandemic but also with future pandemics.

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