Blend, aims at becoming the global hub for the conversation about work, workers and workplaces. Original content is generated by way of the following:

1.Articles by global thought-leaders, influencers and business leaders with a focus on action over knowledge.

2.Video content curated and generated by Blend, often in association with partner organizations.

3.Event and research reports documenting Blend endorsed events and projects, with a focus on action.

Besides original articles we also occasionally bring to our followers, articles from other sources, that we believe contributes positively to the narrative. We are leading the conversation around changing the humans work and live in a blended world, by covering the latest product development stories, science, health and well-being news.

Partnering Opportunities

Editorial Sponsorship: High impact contextual brand placement in content created by Blend staff, contributors and influencer network.

Branded Content: Stories created on behalf of brands for a global audience.

Social Amplification: Promotion by Blend across social media channels.

Branded Campaigns: Community programs produced by Blend

Branded Events: Events and experiences produced and hosted by Blend.

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