Industry 4.0: Future of workforce and rise of HumBots at workplace

How the age of intelligent machines is impacting workplace … reality due to revolution of technology, strategy and cognitive ability creating a demand …

We are seeing major shifts impacting the future of the workforce. The gig economy, niche start-ups, robotics and cognitive technologies are changing the structure of how talent/labour/skill is accessed by companies, and organizations are moving to include sources of talent beyond those on the balance sheet. The nature of jobs and work itself is changing at the same time robotics and cognitive technology are creating a world where organizations will be defined by their ecosystem of employees on payroll collaborating with robots and learning machines, research scholars of universities, niche start-ups as partners and open-talent market etc. The future is about co-existence and interplay of all these forces in harmony.

It’s important to note that the augmented workforce isn’t necessarily displacing the human workforce—virtual workers are taking on tasks that free up humans to focus on higher-level work that requires more critical thinking and empathic problem-solving abilities, social skills, and emotional intelligence.

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