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In Careers this week, we looked at how companies can prepare for new … Looking at another aspect of the future of work, I spoke to 3D Issue’s Paul …

In Careers this week, we looked at how companies can prepare for new ways of working, from hybrid teams to four-day weeks.

When Covid-19 restrictions ease, many believe we’ll be adopting a hybrid working model – with some team members in the office and others remaining at home, or with everyone on more flexible schedules. Abodoo CEO and co-founder Vanessa Tierney, for example, believes that “we will never go back to the commuting society we once were”.

I spoke to her about her experiences of remote working over the past 10 years and how she is managing during the current situation with two small children at home.

Tierney was just one of the people featured in Careers this week. I also spoke to Chris Huff, the chief strategy officer at Kofax, about how remote and hybrid workforces can harness automation. He shared six steps he recommends remote teams take if they want to incorporate automation, including rethinking digital transformation and tackling operation disruptions.

Hays’ Micki Frankland, meanwhile, shared her advice about delivering training to remote and hybrid teams. According to Frankland, the benefits of virtual training include flexibility and cost savings, but there are also challenges to contend with, such as holding people’s attention and understanding the technology you’re using.

If your employment situation has changed during this time, the employment and benefits team at William Fry has created an infographic outlining the main things you need to know about the Government’s income support measures, including details about the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme and the Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment.

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