Four Ways to Bring Positivity to Your Workplace

Four Ways to Bring Positivity to Your Workplace … to solution-thinking, envisioning the future and finally, collaborative design and delivery phases that …

High-stress work environments often result in frequent employee turnover and low productivity. Though stress is an inescapable reality of office life, there are ways to bring positivity to your workplace without softening your organization’s work ethic. Stress is debilitating when it is not addressed in healthy ways. To encourage a healthier and more appealing work environment, here are four ways to bring about positive change in your business.

Authentic Gratitude

Author Alexa Thompson writes about ways managers and supervisors can thank employees in a sincere manner. She advises taking small and subtle approaches, such as an email acknowledging a staff member’s contribution to a project or a positive mention at a staff meeting.

Employees sincerely appreciate it when their work is recognized and acknowledged. Positive feedback goes a long way. When given sincerely, other employees begin to acknowledge others. Gratitude is an extremely cost-effective way to increase productivity and teamwork.

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