Digital zombies and the Blend model

Imagine you are in the business of food grains. Due to changes in market dynamics, you will need to be at your creative best at all times, to ensure that your market share increases, or at least does not fall. Some drastic changes may have to be made in your business due to people’s changing eating habits (people eating less carbohydrates), or buying habits (more people buying online). This is how the world is, as things change very fast, thanks to the infusion of information technology and artificial intelligence. This requires business to be really nimble on their foot, and change with the times. Now, there is also much advancement in the field of biotechnology, and it is not entirely impossible to imagine a scenario where humans stop consuming solid food. Let us say, humans now get their energy sources from 2 pills that they pop every day. Now, this is a radical change for you. What will you do? Will you shut down your business or will you change your business? What will happen to all the restaurants? It does not end there; with such advancement, it is quite possible that there will be more radical shifts in the way people get their energy. What if the popping pills generation is replaced by another radical wave; where people get their energy from a weekly dose which is delivered through painless self injection. As a business leader in food grains, if you are faced with the realization that there may be radical jumps in the way people get their energy in one lifetime, how do you prepare yourself for it?

While the above is not impossible, one does not expect humans to en-masse snort energy powder once a week in the near future. However, those in the business of providing workplaces and work itself face such a scenario, where radical shifts are happening at reduced intervals. The way knowledge workers work is going through radical shifts. Not so long ago, such people used to work from a physical workplace, augmented by computers. Now, they can work from anywhere, all they need is wifi. This has led to the narrative around co-working and remote working. Now, it is not impossible to imagine a scenario, where, thanks to advancement in biotech and AI, the bio engineering of human minds are programmed and there is no need for original thinking; humans do what they are programmed to do, from anywhere, anytime. An early sign of this are the hordes of zombies one sees walking our streets, with their eyes fixated to their mobile screens. Are they controlling technology or is technology controlling them? Alternatively there could be a scenario, where due to robotization, humans have no real work to do. The ‘world of work’ is facing such possibilities and those in the business of providing workplaces like co-working suppliers face this dilemma of ‘what next’? Business models based on past experience of fixed returns do not work and are certainly not sustainable. The only sustainable way of doing business is to remain hyper dynamic and adopt a ‘dynamic returns’ approach. Unfortunately, the way businesses and organisations are designed, does not allow this.

Blend is a living example of how the world of work evolves and a possible model for others to learn from. Blend, a mix of physical and digital activities, is a live demonstration of how the future of work and workplaces continue to evolve. It is the global hub of innovation around the world of work. It is a dynamic model, and constantly evolving.

  • Blend Lab, is an admixture of corporate consulting services and action with a co-creation approach. ‘A’+ ‘B’ below.
  • (digital space), is where the world connects with all that happens at the Blend Lab. That is what you see here. ‘C’ below.

The Blend Lab allow ideas to bounce against each other, leading to Eureka moments. The Lab is conceptualized to fuel innovation, with play being an integral and serious part of it. It is experimentation ground for product manufacturers, tech suppliers, academia and service providers, whose target is the knowledge worker and a ground to gain user feedback for workplace technology suppliers. It is also an opportunity for startups and researchers working in this domain to co-create; a place to engage in discourses and dialogues around the radically changing nature of work, workers and workplaces. Corporate clients get access to this knowledge and information through consulting assignments and through training modules. Learn more below:

  1. Corporate
  2. Action (what you see on this website) is the digital version of the Blend Lab. As a global hub of media for the world of work, it is the broadcasting medium for everything that happens at the Blend Lab and much much more. Activities include:

  • News, articles and videos related to activities at the Blend Lab
  • News, articles and videos related to global activities around the world of work

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