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Criminals targeting cloud and collaboration tools in new remote working era

Cloud-native security has to be deployed and managed remotely and can’t add any friction to employees whose work from home is essential to the …

The coronavirus pandemic has forced even the most conservative industries to turn to cloud solutions, but cybercriminals are paying close attention.

This is according to a new report from cybersecurity firm McAfee, which analysed the threat landscape in the first four months of the year and found that attacks spiked by 630 percent.

The majority of attacks targeted collaboration services like Microsoft 365 and most often involved cybercriminals using stolen credentials to attempt to gain access to users’ accounts.

Analysing more than 30 million McAfee MVISION Cloud users worldwide for the report, the company also claimed that cloud-native threats are on the rise.

“These trends emphasise the need for new security delivery models in the distributed work-from-home environment of today–and likely the future,” said the firm.

“The risk of threat actors targeting the cloud far outweighs the risk brought on by changes in employee behaviour,” added Rajiv Gupta, Senior Vice President, Cloud Security at McAfee.

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