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Expand your reach globally, as an expert in your domain. We have enabled our platform to enable you to design and upload your own courses. You can define your own fees. If you are someone who likes sharing your experience and knowledge around the world of work, go ahead and sign up as an instructor. Start earning.


Becoming a Blend Academy instructor

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Irrespective of whether you are an academician or practitioner, you can apply to be an instructor at Blend Academy. We welcome those who have expertise around various aspects of ‘world of work’, including human resources, remote working, hybrid models of work, workplace infrastructure, workplace IT, work-life balance, productivity, work-life balance and related topics. If your request is approved, you can create your own courses, and start earning. Popular courses have a combination of videos and text, and it will help if you are computer savvy and have a penchant for videos.

Before you apply, remember to update your profile as much as possible, so that the team's assessment becomes easy. You are also encouraged to share additional details like your Linkedin profile, within the profile or in the text box in the form on the left.
Your request to become an instructor will be reviewed by a panel of experts at Blend Academy. There could be a few follow up communications with you. If the panel approves your request, you will secure access to the easy-to-understand dashboard that allows you to design and upload your own courses. It is important to note that you must upload courses which have not been published elsewhere.

Once you upload the courses, the panel will review the courses to check for authenticity. If satisfied, the panel will approve the courses and they will go live. During this approval process, you may receive feedback and suggestions to amend or improve the content as necessary.
Once you are approved as an instructor, you can start uploading your first course. The courses do not become live till they are approved by Blend Academy. So, feel free to play around and get familiar with the dashboard in the beginning. Once you go through the process of getting your first course live at Blend Academy, you can start uploading more courses. There is no limit to the number of courses that you can upload.

Watch this tutorial on how to upload your own courses


Once you are approved as an instructor, you can start uploading your first course. The courses become live after they are reviewed and approved by Blend Academy. During the review period, you may be contacted by the Blend Academy team.

Uploading your own courses and earning from them is easy. Once you are approved as an instructor, watch this tutorial (on the left) on how to upload your own courses.

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