Keeping Up with Vaccine Mandates

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With rules and restrictions constantly being updated, it can be really hard to keep up with the crucial information you need to keep your workforce both safe and compliant. Here’s a little rundown of the latest information from state leaders surrounding vaccine mandates for the third dose/booster:

Western Australia – Workers covered by the mandate must receive their 3rd dose within one month of becoming eligible. But even outside these mandates, individuals are encouraged to have their 3rd dose by the 5th Feb when the State is due to ‘re-open’.

New South Wales –  School based staff will be required to gain their 3rd dose as soon as they are eligible.

Victoria – ‘Fully vaccinated’ workers in healthcare, aged care, disability, emergency services, correctional facility, quarantine accommodation and food distribution workers are mandated to gain their 3rd dose. Those eligible from 12th Jan will have until 12 Feb to have their booster, and workers not yet eligible for a third dose will be required to get it within three months and two weeks of the deadline.

South Australia – All workers in health care settings must have had, or have evidence of a booking to have, a booster within four weeks of becoming eligible.

Employers must also ‘sight and record’ proof of vaccination and that’s where WorkPro comes in.
In October 2021, we launched our Vaccination Status Management function and today just shy of 40,000 candidate’s have had their vax statuses checked, validated and proven compliant. Now that we have clarity surrounding the 3rd dose, our team are working diligently to deliver Stage III – ‘Booster management’, due for release by the end of January in time for the February deadline.

If you want to learn more about how this invaluable service can help you and your business, contact

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